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Sex Ed, Cuss Words, and the Adolescent Years

We chat about our oldest child turning 12, middle school sex ed, our favorite cuss words, PEN15 on Hulu, and the trauma of our own adolescent years.

Mortal Kombat, Homemade Boba, and Our Journey With Fostering and Adoption

Grab an Old Fashioned (or whatever you want to drink), and join us for Episode 7! We talk about Mortal Kombat (the video game AND the movie), family hangouts where everyone's fully vaccinated, our journey with fostering and adopting our son, Larissa's adventures in making boba, and Steve's growing love of golf.

Gimlets, Marriage Lessons, and the Best Pie Ever

Yo, it's episode 6! We talk about lessons and hacks from fifteen years of marriage, Steve's quest to find the best waffles, the best pie ever, and how out of shape our kids are.

A Trip to Istanbul, Anti-Asian Violence, and Odd Pandemic Hobbies

In this episode, our friend Weley Lai joins us to laugh about our overseas adventures together in Istanbul, the film Raya and the Last Dragon, getting Covid vaccines, funny pandemic hobbies, and other things we're into. We got together for this conversation on March 21, 2021, 5 days after a series of mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia killed 8 people, including 6 Asian women. We spend time talking about how it feels as Asian American folks to process this, as well as larger waves of anti-Asian violence and racism happening in America.

The Pandemic Anniversary, Race Conversations, and Toothbrush Mix-Ups

Hey, it's our 4th episode! We talk about how it feels to hit the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, how much we miss hugs, recent conversations about race with our kids, and the grossest thing that happened in our house this week.

Homemade Sangria, A Recipe For Seduction, and Raising Multiethnic Kids

We have a good ol' time talking about how much we love Mario Lopez and KFC, ways we're trying to guide our kids in their multiethnic journey, and the parenting hack we call "go to the restroom." We're drinking homemade sangria (recipe in the show notes!).

Spicy Condiments, Healthy Habits, and Bling Empire

We're back for another episode of our still untitled podcast. We discuss our current obsession with chili sauce, the importance of having healthy rhythms for our physical and mental health, and how we feel about Bling Empire on Netflix.

7 Deadly Zins, Lego Therapy, and Taco Bell Date Nights

Join us for our pilot episode! We discuss why we're starting a podcast, how Legos are good for our mental health, and how we do date nights during a pandemic. This may or may not be our only podcast episode. We're not sure yet. But we had fun making it!